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Yamaha PSR-GX76
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Whether you are a beginner or an expert pianist, it doesn't matter with the Yamaha PSR-GX76!  It's 76 keys make it virtually possible to play any song.  The sound is great!  Read the Features to find out more.

Yamaha PSR-GX76

Bring Home the Magic of Music
Yamaha portable keyboards put musical creativity at your fingertips. The Yamaha lineup of portable electronic keyboards is a musician's dream come true, giving you the power to sound exactly the way you want. It starts with a new level of instrument realism thanks to a larger sample ROM. And what does that mean? Simply put, a more realistic digital sample of an instrument almost always requires a larger digital sample. So by increasing the size of the sample memory, Yamaha is able to give you even more realistic instrument voices. And you get so many of them on the constantly growing extension of General MIDI (GM) called XG. Not only do you get full compatibility with GM; you get hundreds of extra voices as well as full MIDI control of voice and effects parameters.
A fun-tastic way to discover the exciting world of music Yamaha's entry-level Yamaha Portable Keyboard line offers incredible features and performance at an affordable price. Newly developed Yamaha Education Suite 2, a wonderful set of music training functions make learning music incredibly easy. And when it's time to take a break from practicing, simply place the keyboard in DJ mode and let the fun begin with awesome dance voices and accompaniment styles and even a DJ game!

Portable Grand: When you just want to sit down and play the piano, the PORTABLE GRAND function immediately changes your Yamaha Portable Keyboard to a piano.

Stereo Sampled Grand Piano Voice: Pressing the PORTABLE GRAND button calls up a special Stereo Sampled Grand piano voice, stunningly rich and authentic in its sound, and exceptionally responsive to your playing touch!

Instant Piano Play: Portable Grand automatically configures the entire instrument to settings that best suit the Grand Piano voice. This means that no matter what operations or function the Yamaha Portable Keyboard is set to, the Portable Grand is just a button touch away!

Pianist Styles: These Yamaha portable keyboards also include a wealth of special piano-only "Pianist" styles. These provide professional-sounding piano accompaniment, changing chords automatically as you do, while you play a piano melody on top!

Yamaha Education Suite 2 (Y.E.S. 2): A unique set of tutorial functions makes it easy for anyone to learn to play the keyboard. Seven types of lessons are available as well as a convenient chord dictionary.

Three keyboard lessons for each hand:
Timing mode: You can play melody or chord by pressing any key using the correct timing.
Waiting mode: Playback pauses until you play the correct chord or melody note.
Minus One mode: Mute the left-hand, right-hand, or both parts of a song and play along nonstop.
Lesson Grading: Monitors your progress as you practice each lesson.
Chord Dictionary : Shows you how to play chords and displays the notes you are playing on the LCD screen.

DJ Mode: One press of the DJ button calls up a full arsenal of contemporary dance voices and style patterns, as well as special DJ songs and games.





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Dynamic Filter: Dynamically controls the timbre or tone of a voice according to your playing strength, just like a real acoustic instrument!

Touch Response: Your playing can be as expressive as on an acoustic instrument.

Reverb: Add the ambience of a variety of different-sized rooms and halls to your music for an extra dimension of richness.

2-Way Speaker System: Separate tweeters deliver high frequency sounds with clarity and precision for more lifelike instrument voices.

Bass Boost System: A special port on each speaker adds a powerful impact to bass sound reproduction.

Song Recording 6-Track Recorder: Compose your own songs by overdubbing chords and melodies. One track can be used to record an accompaniment style.

One Touch Setting: This function automatically configures keyboard parameters, such as voice selection and tempo, to match the selected music style.

32-note Polyphony: Up to 32 notes can be reproduced simultaneously for intricate musical arrangements.

Digital Signal Processing (DSP)Digital Signal Processing enhances sound quality with sophisticated digital effects.

Pitch Bend Wheel Expressive pitch bend wheel for changing the pitch of the voices as you play.

Stereo: Stereo sound adds realistic character and spatial depth.

MIDI Musical Instrument Digital Interface Lets electronic musical instruments work together and connect to computers.

General MIDI: With General MIDI compatibility, song data always plays the correct sounds.
Keys 76 Full-size keys
Touch Response
Polyphony 32 Notes (max.)
Tone Generation

AWM: Yamaha Advanced Wave Memory technology delivers amazingly realistic sound
256 total AWM voices (128 Panel and 128 GM)
Pitch bend wheel: Bend the notes using your fingertip
Foot Switch (optional)
8 Reverb
38 types DSP
26 types Harmony
Accompaniment Variations: 2
Preset: 100 styles
Type: Multi-fingering
Sequencer 6-Track
5 Songs
Y.E.S. 2 Timing
Minus One
Chord Dictionary
DJ Mode Voices
Musical Instrument Digital Interface lets electronic musical instruments work together.
Demo 100 Songs
Speakers 12 cm x 2
3 cm x 2
Output 3W x 2
Weight 46-3/4"(L) 17-1/8" (W) x 5-1/16" (H)
17 lbs. 10 oz.

Price: $350

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